„Frederike’s songs combine the personal and the universal, asking for reflection and appreciation“

– Ben van Gelder

FRÉ creates an uplifting, social musical experience - deep, danceable, witty and wholesome. Hovering over realms of progressive indie-pop and jazz-infused folk, FRÉ shares love and connection through deeply personal, self-reflective songs and stories. Pure emotions, rendered into sound.
"WE RISE when we lift each other up", is an ode to family - in the broadest sense of the word. Looking back on times of grief, joy, unconditional love, heartache, unshakeable optimism and a lot of music, songwriter Frederike Behrendsen explores her own evolution, reflects on different relationships and investigates how particular experiences and decisions made her the woman she is today.


  • Vocals & Guitar //Frederike Berendsen
  • Piano //Julian Bohn
  • Bass //Caris Hermes
  • Drums //Lukas “Bobby” Büning