• RELEASE DATE /10.01.2019
  • LINE UP /Pascal Bartoszak (as), Jakob Lüffe (p), Caris Hermes (b), Niklas Walter (dr)

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With "Common Ground", the four musicians from Cologne and Essen allude to their shared passion for modern mainstream jazz as well as their common musical career. Since their early days together in the Landesjugendjazzorchester NRW, they have consistently followed a common path, which ultimately led to the formation of the Pascal Bartoszak Quartet in 2014. Success and awards at competitions such as the Sparda Jazz Award, the Biberach Jazz Prize and the Osnabrück Young German Jazz Prize quickly followed. In addition to strong melodies, her music always focuses on the rhythm and groove of a track. In her view, good music exists across genres and regardless of musical epochs. However, the spirit and energy of the great role models of the swinging jazz tradition always form the foundation for their own compositions. On and off stage, the four musicians now understand each other blindly and simply speak the same language in terms of their musical preferences. With the new CD "Common Ground", they are now presenting listeners with a further step in the development of their shared musical path.