JJO Way Up Caris Hermes-480x480
  • RELEASE DATE /27.11.2011


  • REEDS /Pascal Bartoszak, Max Schweder, Lennart Allkemper, Marc Doffey, Nils Wrasse
  • TROMPETEN & FLÜGELHORN /Mathis Petermann, Lorenzo Ludemann, Konstantin Döben, Karsten Müller, Martin Berner
  • POSAUNEN /Sebastian Stanko, Adrian Prost, Matthias Schuller, Carla Köllner, Patrick Embgenbroich
  • PIANO /Jakob Lüffe, Sven Kirsten
  • GITARRE /Alexander Wünsche
  • BASS & E-BASS /Caris Hermes, Lukas Lüffe
  • SCHLAGZEUG & PERKUSSION /Niklas Walter, Frederik Villmow
  • GESANG /Marie Daniels, Johanna Schneider
  • KÜNSTLERISCHE LEITUNG /Gabriel Pérez, Stefan Pfeifer-Galilea, Stephan Schulze, Michael Villmow


With “Way Up”, its tenth album, the JugendJazzOrchester NRW is ushering in a new era. Since 2008, the band has been led by the current team, which continues the work of the band's founders and sets its own musical accents. Gabriel Pérez, Stefan Pfeifer-Galilea, Stephan Schulze and Michael Villmow demonstrate a wide stylistic range with their arrangements; this recording is a document of their work. The JJO NRW continues to be a cultural ambassador par excellence for this federal state. For 35 years now, the orchestra has been traveling the globe with its music, leaving its artistic mark time and again. On the other hand, the young musicians always return enriched with impressions and also inspire the local audience in numerous concerts. “Way Up” - this name stands for the endeavor to constantly set out for new shores and promote international cultural exchange.