• Armin Mey (Moog)
  • Benjamin Thode (Gesang)
  • Caris Hermes (Bass)
  • Carla Köllner (Posaune)
  • Clara Lucas (Gesang)
  • Florian Raepke (Trompete)
  • Jacob Strecker (Klarinette)
  • Jan Seemann (Bass)
  • Joshua Milo (Keys)
  • Marco Silvestri (Gitarre)
  • Pascal Klewer (Trompete)
  • Tom Green (Schlagzeug)
  • Wim Schulze (Saxophon, Flöte)

Jazz in Arnhem

Dear music lovers and friends,

The time has come for me to start a new chapter in my life. After four years of studying in Arnhem, I am graduating with a final exam concert.

This year it will be a HQ live stream. Watch it via the ArtEz Jazz&Pop Facebook page

I am very grateful for the support of my friends and bandmates who will accompany me at my final recital. – Clara Lucas (Vocals)