• RELEASE DATE /28.09.2018
  • FORMAT /digital
  • BESETZUNG /Frederike Berendsen (voc), Julian Bohn (p), Caris Hermes (b), Lukas Bobby Büning (dr)
  • PRODUKTION /Filmed by: Sam Straka // RazrInc Edited by: Bobby Büning & Sam Straka Recorded, mixed & mastered by: Steffen Lütke Studio: Fattoria Musica // Benno Glüsenkamp Dress by: Beatrice Malburg // Couture by Bea Hair & Make Up: Ulrike Haselhoff Special Thanks: Asher Danziger & Frank Vogt


The Myth of Normalcy is a song about searching and finding one’s inner strength. The lyric is inspired by a conversation Frederike had with Becca Stevens about the concept of the Perceptions Visual EP and about her own album and title track Regina. It’s about finding your inner spark, motivation, your inner child, muse, divinity, god, whatever you like to call it. It’s about stripping yourself down, and really examining and embracing everything that make you the person you are today.