• RELEASE DATE /21.07.2017
  • LABEL /Fattoria Musica
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD
  • BESETZUNG /Frederike Berendsen (voc), Julian Bohn (p), Caris Hermes (b), Lukas Bobby Bühnig (dr)


Nature’s Songs is about the love and appreciation FRÉ feels for planet Earth and all life on it. This cycle of ten songs, all inspired by different aspects of nature, aims to share love and appreciation, and to raise awareness of the environment that surrounds us all.

For FRÉ, it feels like awareness of the wonders of our planet is needed more now than ever before. Nowadays, the world is changing so fast that we don’t take time to sincerely appreciate our surroundings, especially nature. It seems that since we’re not fully aware of its beauty and significance anymore, we’re spoiling it, more rapidly every day.

With the songs of this album, FRÉ hopes to show you, the listener, how fundamentally fascinating and amazing different aspects of nature are, how they work together, how they keep each other alive, and what we can learn from them.


This beautiful record showcases refreshingly original songs rooted in meaningful depictions of Frederike’s deep connection to nature. The chemistry of the members of FRÉ is palpable, and as connected as the songs themselves.

– Becca Stevens

Nature’s Songs is a heartfelt collection of original music. Its message combines the personal with the universal, asking for reflection and appreciation. A true group effort; carefully crafted with attention to detail and played with urgency.

– Ben van Gelder

FRÉ – Nature’s Songs. Very, very worthwhile to get this particular album, because this is going to be the first of many. And this is going to be one of the biggest bands in Europe probably, in the next 20 years.

– Linley Hamilton (BBC)